2015 MTB Season

Everyone who knows me, knows that I’ve been around the sport for almost 10 years. With that being said 2015 will be very different! Monday November 17, 2014 is the day that pretty much changed everything. I went from being a recreational rider to being a part of a MTB race team. I joined the Dark Side! I will be racing with the HRRT MTB race team for the 2015 season and I couldn’t be more excited. Being that I am still very new to racing I’m not really sure what my expectations should be. I do however have some goals on deck for 2015…a podium finish along with completing a 50 mile MTB race are two of the highest priority.

I have already incorporated gym workouts into my weekly training along with a couple spin classes. I’m hoping for the snow to hold out so that I can stay on the bike for as long as possible. I plan on sharing training, group rides and of course the races for the 2015 season. I don’t know where this road leads but I think that is part of what makes us mountain bikers. It’s never been about the destination it’s all about the journey!

My Journey, My Life

Jon Merritt


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